Castleford Tigers Supporters' Association

20 years of dedicated and passionate support


You've reached the internet home of the Castleford Tigers Supporters' Club... Welcome, and thanks for visiting!


We're officially 20 years old this year, although we know we don't look a day over 18 - it's all this clean Yorkshire air that does it. Eeeh, it's grand, tha knos!


Anyway to mark our anniversary we thought we'd have a bit of a revamp and relaunch of the old interweb site.. blow off a few cobwebs, lick of paint, some new fixtures and fittings, that sort of thing. And now look at it... it's like a brand new information superhighway, 'appen as like!


We do hope you like what we've done with the place and we'll be hoping to add more tweaks as we go through the 2024 season. For now though, you're very welcome to stick around, have a poke about, criticise the curtains, whatever! We'd put a brew on for you only the milk's off and we're out of sugar.. and tea bags.. and a kettle.. and water.


These are brand new carpets, mind... so tek thi shoes off!


Castleford Tigers Supporters' Club is proud to be sponsored through 2024 by 

F&S Carpets - Main Sponsor
Samuel Valentine
JP Qualtiy Service Locksmith
Faye's Sandwich Bar - 01977 552158
Bowman Brickwork - 07765 515955
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