The Heritage Project free event will be from 5.30 to 7.30 in the Tiger Bar and for this a rough outline would be

  An introduction to project staff, the project, and how volunteering fits within the project (say 5.30pm-6pm) and then we could provide attendees with the opportunity to perhaps circulate around the activities (see possibilities) and ask questions (say 6pm-7pm):

1.       See the digitising/cataloguing of a small number of Castleford Tigers items (objects, photos, documents) - thereby giving an insight into the collections volunteer role (and events and activities volunteer role). 

2.       Be interviewed on video about their supporter memories (e.g. Earliest memory of supporting Castleford?  Why do you support Castleford?  Where do you sit/stand at the Jungle and why?  Favourite memories of going to the match?  If you could choose to meet one player, past or present, who would you choose to meet and why?  What would you ask them?  What does supporting Castleford mean to you?) - thereby giving an insight into how interview are conducted in the volunteer role of interviewer. 

3.       Take part in a short (15 mins max) stadium tour which includes some snippets of the history/heritage of the club/the stadium - thereby giving an insight into the volunteer role of tour guide

4.       Contribute ideas/opinions in relation to the virtual museum (using postcards or flipcharts - for example, choose 5 legends, including telling us why they have chosen these players - thereby contributing to the discussion regarding the criteria to be used in relation to the legends section of the virtual museum, or, using a map of the stadium, ask attendees to devise their own stadium tour - where would they wish to go on a stadium tour and why?  These activities would give attendees an opportunity to think about some of the interpretation decisions they could get involved with as interpretation volunteers). 

5.       Peruse a selection of rugby league history books, including those relating to the Castleford Tigers, in order to introduce the idea of the research volunteer.

          We could then draw everyone back together at 7pm and give out expression of interest forms giving people the opportunity to provide us with information about themselves, the volunteer roles they are interested in, and the times they are available.

7.45pm onwards

WSTS Suite, MAH jungle, Wheldon Road, Castleford.

Admission £1 members, £3 non members.

A raffle with 3 great prizes to be won.

Your chance to be part of a great night of Castleford Tigers Heritage.

We are asking fans, club staff, players, ex players to bring something to the event that as a story to tell related to the Castleford Tigers.

It can be anything at all, we will then let the individual tell the story to the audience or if too shy we will say a few words about the item for them.

Can you please spread the word about this event, it would be great to have staff, current, ex players, along with fans talking about an item that means a lot to them.

I have also contacted Katie Irwin from RL Cares who as agreed to help out and have asked her to bring something Castleford related from the RL archive at Huddersfield university.

Paul Burns-Williamson
CTSC Secretary

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