Our Fund Raising Work



Since our formation in 2004 we have been raising money through membership fees, events and other activities and channelling it back into projects to assist the Castleford Tigers.

In 2021, our 17th  year, the cumulative amount donated to the club is £94,698.10 and on the right is a list of the activities we are proud to have funded or helped to fund.

These fundraising efforts are a key part of our mandate as a supporters' club - it's a source of deserved pride for our members and we know it is very much appreciated by the club. 

Our ongoing aim is to keep on fundraising and continue to assist the club in realising similar worthy projects in the future. But we can't do so without the ongoing support of all our members, sponsors and benefactors...


Would you like to make a donation or sponsor one of our activities? Please contact us at:


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                Donations given by the generous support of the members of the Castleford Tigers Supporters Club since its inception in 2004:- now stands at  £94,698.10

                2021 Donations



                Purchase of two reconditioned Wattbikes

                Purchase of new dumbbells for the gym

                Purchase of tip line heart rate monitors for the entire first team squad (Polar H10s)

                Purchase of new barbells for the gym

                Purchase of a new charger for MacBook Air (this has been secured for use solely as a repository and processing unit for GPS data)

                2020 Donations



                Donated 8 tackle shields to the PDRL team. 


                Players' Nacsport AnalysisPro computers! #ONECLUB

                Head of Analysis Ste Mills said: "This is a complete game changer to the analysis department at the Tigers, this takes us to a whole new level!"


                2019  Donations


                The first donation by the CTSC to the Castleford Tigers Women team,
                this donation will fund the team building weekend for the whole
                squad in the Yorkshire dales.



                The latest donation to the Castleford Tigers of £600 is for 40 new match day polo shirts, which will be worn by our 2019 Castleford Tigers scholarship squad.


                The latest CTSC donation has been utilised by the club’s coaching, strength and conditioning, physiotherapy and analysis departments to fund a brand new laptop to help support their GPS programme for the first team squad.

                2018 Donations


                Wire training equipment for gym, performance and analysis facility for Coaches PCs.

                2017 Donations


                Sponsorship for 3 under 19 players,

                Jack Ray, Rory Dixon and Paddy Burns.


                Three new laptops for the coaches, the three laptops are already being well used by Daryl, Danny and Shez.


                   2016 Donations



                Donation be used for the clubs preseason camp at La Santa in Lanzarote. We had asked Daryl Powell at the end of September what would benefit the team and Daryl said that a donation to the warm weather camp would help the most, the camp being the most important part of the preseason preparation.


                • £1000  4 laptop computers to be used by Castleford Tigers youth teams and coaches.
              • £4000 Training and conditioning equipment.

                Training Technique Bags, Wooden Dowels, Resistance and Core Bands, kettlebells (24kgs), Treatment bed, Leg Press and Plinth, Pulse Recovery System, which helps you recover faster between workouts by reducing muscle soreness and improving circulation.


              2015 Donations:

              • £250.00 Evening with Andy Lynch, Andy Lynch testimonial.
              • £2500.00 donation for high level video monitoring system, to record training and help players at all levels to improve performance.     

              2014 Donations:

              • £2500.00 donation to convert the old gym into a wrestle room.
              • £120.00 for trophies for the club's Under 19's Player of the Year Awards Night.
              • £295.08 for headsets & handsets for Youth Team match day communication.
              • £4921.50 for Game Ready Pitch Mannequins, Slide Boards, Resistance Bands, Kettlebells & Fitrodyne.
              • £100.00 sponsorship of Casino Night, Andy Lynch Testimonial.
              • £20.00 for a sign for the first team coach.
              • £295.00 for the Wheldon Road stand coat of arms sign.

              2013 Donations:

              • £824.00 to fund Recovery Equipment for all squads.
              • £724.00 for a Mini-Ipad (used to promote the Castleford Tigers Heritage Project.
              • £70.00 for trophies for the club's Under 19's Player of the Year Awards Night.
              • £150.00 for Cool Air Fans for the gym and dressing room areas.
              • £400.00 for Muscle Stimulator.
              • £34.00 for eight Smoke Alarms.
              • £1500.00 sponsorship of the Under 19's 2013 season.

              2012 Donations:

              • £171.00 for Craig Huby's Testimonial.
              • £130.00 for Trophies for the Academy and Junior teams.
              • £7000.00 to fund Hot/Cold Spa Equipment to aid player recovery.
              • £1138.00 for a Laptop & Memory Sticks for use by the Under 20's.

              2011 Donations:

              • £1000.00 donation to Youth Development.
              • £150.00 for Trophies for the Academy and Junior teams.

              2010 Donations:

              • £1746.00 for (further) parts for the Tigers' Gym.
              • £654.00 for parts for the Tigers' Gym.
              • £600.00 for Floor Mats for the Tigers' Gym.
              • £182.00 for Trophies for the Academy and Junior teams.
              • £500.00 Match Ball sponsorship at the game vs Hull KR.
              • £2500.00 donation to Castleford Tigers.

              2009 Donations:

              • £250.00 for Trophies for the Tigers Academy.
              • £1000.00 for the Community Society (Golden Gamble).
              • £620.00 to buy Tackle Suits for the Juniors.
              • £2500.00 donation to Castleford Tigers for Player Development.

              2008 Donations:

              • £2500.00 donation to Castleford Tigers for Gym Refurbishment.
              • £100.00 for Tigers Academy Trophies.
              • £400.00 to sponsor the Man of the Match vs Huddersfield.
              • £78.00 to supply Kit for Work Experience Juniors.
              • £2000.00 donation to Castleford Tigers.

              2007 Donations:

              • £890.00 to supply Training Bikes for the gym.
              • £100.00 for Tigers Academy Trophies.
              • £6000.00 donation to Castleford Tigers.

              2006 Donations:

              • £500.00 to sponsor the Academy's End of Season Event.
              • £90.00 for Tigers Academy Trophies.
              • £175.00 to fund the Academy Team Sprint Training Session.
              • £705.00 for Player Position Sponsorship.

              2005 Donations:

              • £9707.00 for the 2005 Squad Builder.
              • £429.00 for Juniors Training Gear.
              • £80.00 for Training Gear for Welsh trainees.
              • £120.00 to cover Accommodation for Welsh trainees.
              • £881.00 for a Gym Lifting Machine.
              • £4400.00 to replace the Tigers' Bar Ceiling.
              • £588.00 for Coach Sponsorship.
              • £564.00 for Gym Mirrors.
              • £1700.00 donation to Castleford Tigers for Junior Development.

              2004 Donations:

              • £296.00 donation to Castleford TIgers.

              In addition to donations our members have also:

              • Moved pictures and shirts into the Tiger Bar (2014).
              • Donated 10 smoke alarms free of charge (2013).
              • Decorated the Supporters' Club Bar at the Railway End (2013).
              • Decorated the Supporters' Club Bar at the Railway End (2009).
              • Decorated the Gym (2009).
              • Decorated the Legends Bar at the Railway End (2005).
              • Decorated the Tiger Bar (2005).
              • Decorated the Gym (2005).