CTSC Event report

Senior players evening

Tuesday 18th July

Hospitality suite

MAH Jungle

Special guests, Michael Shenton, Grant Millington and Jake Webster.

83 people attended a very enjoyable evening when we welcomed Michael, Grant and Jake.

The first part of the evening the guests answered questions on personal form, team form, training, conditioning, how the club had changed in the last 4 years, captains responsibilities, style of play, defense, decision making in the game, dynamics within the whole squad, young players and the England squad.

In the break we drew out 5 winners in the raffle and continued with questions, this time from the audience.

After such a great season so far it was very noticeable how much the players were enjoying playing and how strong team bond was at the moment.

Questions covered varied subjects, from goal kicking to contracts, the fans to how the team finishes the super 8s.

A great night, thanks again to Michael, Grant and Jake and everyone who attended, we made just over £200 on the night.

Next event being arranged, now that the Super 8s fixtures are out.






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